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Self-Defence with MMA Techniques. Performed by Female Fashion Model. Safety, Health and Beauty

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Fashion Model and Kyokushin Karate Stydent Ekatherina Logutova Does Trial Of Self-Defence with MMA Techniques.
Ekatherina's Trainer - Andrey Korchak - Holder of Master Degree Certificate of Achievement in Sports (Hand Combat, Sambo), MMA Coach.
Safety, Health and Beauty Motivation.
Hi! My Name Is Ekaterina Logunova. This video is featuring my first trial steps in Self-Defence with elements of MMA. Some elements could be helpful in real life, some are not, but learned to be used in forthcoming Commercial Ad.
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Actors: Екатерина Логутова, Ekatherina Logutova
Language: English
Video runtime: 00:05:19
Author: Ekatherina Logutova
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